Avonic AV-REC100

HDMI Recorder

The Avonic AV-REC100 is a very easy to use HDMI recorder. It records any source up to 1080p 60 fps including audio to a USB hard disk drive or a High-Speed flash drive. It uses H.264 AVCHD M2TS, which guarantees a low latency and high-quality compression. Recorded video can be played back on the device itself or through any media player, Blu-Ray Disc player or PC/Notebook that supports AVCHD M2TS file format. The AV-REC100 is easy to use for everybody, simply insert a USB drive and press record. Once you are done, press record again to stop recording and remove the flash drive containing the recording.

Inputs: HDMI
Outputs: HDMI (loopback monitor) and USB

Storage indication: 4 GB per hour
Adviesprijs(excl. BTW) € 499,00

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Input HDMI
Output HDMI, USB
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