Avonic CM55-VCU

Video Conference Camera with wide-angled lense and USB3.0

The Avonic CM55-series cameras are designed for high-quality video conferencing. Whether using hardware H.323 or software codecs like Skype for Business, these cameras offer an affordable solution, without concessions.

The CM55-VCU is a USB 3.0 video conferencing camera to be used with a soft codec solution. Due to it’s standard UVC support, the camera is easily connected to any computer through USB and immediately recognized as camera by the operating system.

The 12x optical zoom 72,5° wide angle lens makes sure that every detail is captured.
List Price(excl. BTW) €1,899.00

Additional Information

Length No
Stackable No
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Datasheet Datasheet
User Manual Manual
Software Software
Input RS485, RS232
Output DVI, USB
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